Do yourself a favour and get along to the MCG!

I’d been meaning to get to the G for ages. I finally made it to the ground and it was worth the trip. It was a few weekends ago and Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs were playing on a Sunday afternoon.

Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs - Photo by Mrs TGOS

Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs – Photo by Mrs TGOS

I learned many things along the way but here are my first impressions:

  • The atmosphere is something else at the G and is the main reason to go. Also AFL is 1000 times better in person than on TV. Everyone says so and I agree.
  • Collingwood supporters often boo when the other team has set pieces. Bulldogs fans do not. Bulldogs fans do not appreciate Collingwood fans. Magpies fans obviously don’t believe in the mantra of ‘keeping it classy’.
  • When you only understand 80% of the rules (or 20% in the case of Mrs TGOS), the injustice felt by the crowd which is continuously voiced, elicited some hilarious conversations with Mrs TGOS along the lines of the following:

Mrs TGOS – I’m guessing that is against the rules.

Me – I’m pretty sure that is for a push in the back and the ref missed it. 50/50 call though.

Mrs TGOS – I’m guessing that is also against the rules.

Me – I’ve got no idea what that was for.

  • If you go to the G you will get to see Blue Elmo. I think he might be Elmo’s cousin or Grover’s son. I can’t really work it out. I was just glad he was playing an instrument because I find his voice very annoying.
  • Listening to the crowd is worth the price of admission. For instance, I learned that Mason Cox was someone’s full name and not someone’s hyphenated last name as some punter was calling out the following all afternoon:

Punter – Get on the ball Mason Cox.

Punter – You are useless Mason Cox.

Punter – You will be in the VFL next week Mason Cox.

I’m hoping Mason Cox has a thick skin.

  • Melbourne has a massive walk up crowd. We were sitting in one of the general admission sections on the lower tier and half an hour before the start of the game we could get a seat right on the boundary line. The section was about a third full. At the start of the game it was absolutely full.
  • It doesn’t matter which sport you follow, the food at the ground is always prohibitively expensive. Always.
  • When you go and get said food while your wife minds the seats, always bring your mobile phone because the sections all look identical and you will spend 1/2 an hour trying to find your seat again, even with a mobile. I think I would still be wandering around the MCG if I didn’t have my mobile.
  • The AFL was great too.
  • BTW Melbourne is an amazing city to visit. Great places to eat. The lane ways in particular.

What is sweeter than Jelly Bread?

Iceland - Euro 2016 - Photo by Nazionale Calcio - CC-BY-SA-2.0

Iceland – Euro 2016 – Photo by Nazionale CalcioCC-BY-2.0

  • Euro 2016 – Still awesome. Now down to the business end of the competition and all of the favourites have shown cracks. Spain looked like world beaters until they lost against Croatia. Germany has looked good in patches. France likewise but left it late to win on most occasions. England looks amazing apart from putting the ball in the net, a big issue, one would think.
  • State of Origin – Queensland are so resilient and NSW were so brave and could have won that in a heart beat. Great game.

What isn’t? 

  • Dubs losing the NBA finals after being up 3-1. Just crushing. 

NRL Tips – Week 16

Panthers vs Rabbitohs (+5.5) – Panthers

Knights (+6.5) vs Dragons – Dragons

Sharks vs Warriors (+8.5) – Warriors

Bulldogs (+1.5) vs Broncos – Broncos

Titans vs Raiders (+0.5) – Titans

Storm vs Tigers (+13.5) – Storm

Cowboys vs Sea Eagles (+15.5) – Cowboys

Week 15


Season so far


Stay Tuned

Next exciting episode will be on Thursday, 30 June 2016 titled ‘2016 NRL Second Trimester Report Part 1 – No Contenders Here’.


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